the best Italian village of 2014

Gangi is a medieval village that is part of the association “I Borghi più belli di Italia” (the most beautiful villages in Italy) and it won the “Borgo dei borghi” prize in 2014.

It was built on the ruins of a Hellenic settlement on the Mount Barone, it is surrounded by green hills and it offers to its visitors an amazing view.

Gangi is a must-see destination if you spend your holidays at Costa Verde Hotel and if you want to discover the beauty of an old land with lots of interesting things to do and see.

The historic centre of the village was completely rebuilt in 1300 after its destruction during the Sicilian Vespers war in 1299. Gangi has alleys everywhere and squeezed houses which seem to create a single building made of old churches with high steeples, such as the Chiesa Madre, and lord palaces: Sgadari Palace, with the Civic Museum inside, Bongiorno Palace which is the location of the Municipal Council.

castello dei Ventimiglia Gangi

The Ventimiglia Castle

On the highest part of Mount Marone, over 1000 meters high, there is the Ventimiglia Castle that, today, is a private property.

The evocative atmosphere of the historic centre is the natural setting of traditional feasts and touristic-cultural events that offer the possibility to its visitors to enjoy their trip to the fullest.

If you go to Gangi you have to taste the “Cucchie”: a typical Madonie dessert disputed between neighbouring villages, but the one recognized as the creator of the dessert, by an Italian association called De.Co., was Gangi. It is a soft but tasty pastry with dried fruit, jam and flavourings.

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